SmartShopper Files

These files are for updating the SmartShopper device via USB

This program will install or update the SmartShopper USB drivers and install a ShopMgr update program on the PC

All the defaults during install should be OK.

The installation program will leave a ShopMgr icon on the desktop that you can use to update the SmartShopper.

Installation Steps.

  1. Run installation program from the link above.
  2. Connect SmartShopper device to PC with USB cable, wait for USB connection to finish.
  3. Run ShopMgr program on PC.
  4. Hit 'UP' button on SmartShopper to wake it up
  5. Click the 'Update SmartShopper Device' button in the ShopMgr program.
  6. Wait for update to finish! Takes about 4 minutes typically.
  7. Disconnect SmartShopper device and try out the new program!

Make sure the SmartShopper batteries are OK before starting the update


New in Version 2.00   02/13/2008 Update:

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